Strangely enough I’ve never asked myself this question when I started my self-employment journey. I just knew, I wanted to ‘have a go’ and see what happens. But recently I’ve been talking to couple of my self-employed friends and we agreed that now that we’ve been self-employed for a while it would be very difficult to go back to work for somebody else.

I wanted to write this article for all of you thinking of becoming self-employed. The question whether somebody is cut out or not for self employment was even more highlighted as my husband, who’s background is a steady high level office job in human resources, temporarily joined my little team.

So, here are few questions which I think everyone should ask themselves if they are thinking of becoming a self-employed.

1 You need to be self-motivated and able to work on your own

2 Self-employment is rarely 9-5pm

3 You need learn to pace yourself, but also be persistent

4 You need to have the ability to become the worker, manager, sales person, marketing department and the CEO

5 Until your business is established your income might be irregular

Are you able to be flexible?

Are you able to work on your own?