Intensive Business Coaching Day

What can we work on ?

Here are few examples:

  • Review your business and work on a strategy plan to improve your business
  • Work on your social media strategy
  • Plan your budgeting
  • Business planning and goal setting
  • Social media review and strategy going forward
  • Product or services pricing
  • Website Strategy including SEO, link building and keywords research
  • Online marketing
  • Promoting yourself in an authentic & effective way
  • Creating simple systems for success

So, what is included?

  • Initial questionnaire to help you focus on your business (and you) and to make sure that I have all the resources we need on the day
  • Focus Session via Skype before we meet so we can hit the ground running.
  • Whole day of working together (9-5pm with plenty of breaks)
  • Tailored resources and printouts to take away
  • Healthy, home made refreshments, lunch, drinks etc are included
  • My own handmade chocolates to take home with you
  • Follow up action plan with any further resources that we discuss during the day
  • Follow up 60 minute session via Skype about two weeks after we meet
  • A whole month of e-mail support after we meet

Business Coaching Day Cost:

£ 495


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Magdalena Marsden and I’ll be your host for the day. I’m a practical business coach focusing on the technical side of running your business.

I can literary dive in to your business, review what you currently have and help you to make improvements. All my advice is practical. I know that business strategy, budgeting or SEO might sound a bit dry and boring, but I can make it easier and help you to put these in place to make your business more effective and profitable.

My background is in corporate management – I used to work as a Managing Director in a social care sector, looking after business with turnover anything from 500k to 6 million. I have experience in setting up and running successful business (Cocoa & Heart).

My qualifications include Psychology Degree, Management Diploma, Business Planning and Auditing. I’m always learning and over the years have completed shorter courses on SEO, Budgetting and Marketing. This year I’m completing my life coaching diploma.

The Location

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too keen on posh hotels and fancy restaurants as an effective spaces to work. That is why for my intensive business coaching day I invite you to my cosy, quiet and comfortable living room, where we can work un-interupted.

And there is another reason for not meeting in a fancy restaurant. Working on your business needs a lot of energy, both mental and physical, so I wanted to make sure I give you the best.

I’ll cook my favourite healthy food and keep us going with brainy snacks and drinks. I’m not a nutritionist, far from it, but as I business coach I understand the importance of good healthy food on our productivity and how we feel overall. Believe me if I say, that you will be able to remember more if we have a healthy flapjack then if I offer you a jammy doughnut (as tempting as it is!).










Who do I work with?

I work with business owners, (mainly women) who are determined to make their business success.

You’re an ideal candidate if you are…

  • Motivated, committed and passionate about your business
  • Ready to work with a coach and mentor to accelerate your learning and get you further in business than if you did everything on your own
  • Not afraid to take the necessary actions

I work with small businesses, usually self-employed creative people or business owners with small staff team. My background is in creative business, food and services, so I have working knowledge of both services & product based businesses.

How do I book?

  • Contact me by completing the contact form below
  • We will agree a mutually suitable day (week days and weekends are available)
  • You will receive booking confirmation and 25% deposit will be required to secure the day
  • You will receive pre-session questionnaire to complete. This just helps us to focus on the areas you wish to cover and it will also help me to get to know you and your business a bit better
  • We will meet up on Skype for approximately 60 minutes (this is usually 1 week before the actual day)
  • We will spend the day working on your business
  • Follow up session will again happen via Skype (about 2 weeks after the day, to allow you to absorb everything and give you time to work on your action plan)
  • You will have the opportunity to e-mail me for whole month  after your session with any follow up questions

What is your investment?



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