WHAT: online SEO Course

START DATE: Join us anytime

DURATION: 4 weeks of lessons plus on-going support via our private FB group

SKILL LEVEL: Beginners level (with optional advanced strategies included)

COST: £79 or 3 monthly payments of £27.50


DELIVERY: Membership website with step by step videos, printouts, planners, checklists and other resources. Access to member’s only Facebook Group where you can ask any questions you nee and your tutor and fellow students will help you along the way.

here is what’s  INCLUDED


Dedicated members only website with over 24 step by step practical videos, tool lists, online resources and printable checklists to help you with your learning. This is over 10 hrs of content with the most up to date SEO practices.


Easy to follow tutorials with plenty of practical examples, without the industry jargon. Easy to understand content with focus on ‘why’ rather than overwhelming you with lots of details.


Supportive and friendly learning community of like-minded business owners set up as a private group on Facebook with me – Magdalena Marsden – as your tutor available to answer your questions and to support you.


You’ll have a lifetime access to the course, which means you can come back to the course anytime you want. When we add new content, you will be the first to know and have access to the latest developments in the SEO world.
perfect for you IF
  • You have a vague idea that ‘SEO’ is good for you, but you have never done any SEO on your website
  • You would like to drive more (relevant!) traffic to your website
  • You would like to generate more sales from your website
  • You are a website owner, who refuses to be defeated
  • Have built your own website or you have full access to your website (if built by somebody else)
  • You are not afraid of taking action
  • You have a  limited budget, but a drive to learn new things! All of the basic tools recommended in this course are free. As you progress, you can always add paid options to suit your budget.
 by completing this course YOU WILL


Improve your website ranking on Google search, expand your social media reach and be more visible online.


Have a working knowledge of SEO and develop your own SEO strategy tailored to your business niche.


Increase your sales, sign ups to your newsletter, interest in your services and conversion rates.


As ‘done for you’ SEO can be £350 a month from any reputable company, this course will pay for itself many times over.
course MODULES


Identify your target audience

Get clear on your business offerings and products

Spring clearing your website (Design, fonts, colours, copy and pictures)

Develop coherent branding across all your online presence



Optimising your website for on-site SEO

Understanding basic SEO principles

Keyword Planning

Mastering Meta Descriptions

Local SEO

Auditing your website

Understanding Google Analytics and Keyword Planner



Link building the right way

Directories that are still worth joining

Local SEO

Knowing your competitors

Exploring other ways of bringing in targeted traffic

Creating your own e-mail marketing strategy

Creative tips on list building



How to turn website traffic into paying customers

Forward SEO planning

How to stay ahead of your competitors

On-going website optimisation

Strategic blogging and resources

How to write effectively for your audience and search engines

Developing your own social media strategy



No new material for this week

You are welcome to return back to the parts of the course you didn’t have the time to do initially

Ask as many questions as you like in our course Facebook Group

Course round up and feedback

…and time for that well deserved piece of cake to celebrate!

the clever & amazing STUDENTS

Magdalena makes SEO simple. She is full of tips and suggestions, but it isn’t just her knowledge that makes her so special.

It’s the fact that she explains the concepts in such a clear and easy to understand way; making the whole SEO subject feel do-able.

She leads you step by step through the most important points, and makes it super easy to improve your site so that it can be found by the right people.

Claire Stone

Nutritionist & Business Owner, Claire Stone Nutrition

Thank you Magdalena for today’s Skype session – it was really useful! I’ve had my website running for years, but the SEO done by various companies during that time has always seemed a bit haphazard, so it was great to get some pointers. Now I feel ready to get things better under control and to put some things I’ve learnt in today’s session  into action. I’d happily recommend you to anyone who needs guidance on website strategy. Thank you!
Nichola Thomas

Owner, Villascapes

about your TUTOR
who AM I?

I’m Magdalena Marsden and I’m a business strategist with a curious mind, sharp brain and creative ideas.

I work with business owners and support them with the practical side of running their businesses, which can be anything from business plans, social media strategy or website lead generation.

Over the last 5 years I’ve worked on number of websites for small businesses, including complete set up, as well as SEO. This varied from a local carpet cleaning company to a national craft marketplace with over 15k pages.

I’m the owner of Cocoa & Heart, where I share my passion for bread and chocolate with others and founder of Handmade Kent and Handmade Business Directory which are both resources for  a supportive community of local artisans, niche blog and business directory. I’m also proud owner of WowThankYou, creative market place supporting UK based makers and designers with over individual 600 handmade shops.

I know how you feel…

You have been in the online world for a bit, but find it quite daunting, you have a website and dab at Facebook, but can’t really see many results. Your website gets a few hits a day and the sales are not coming through as frequently as you would want. You thought, that being online would help your business, but at the moment it’s more of a nuisance – what’s the point of updating that Facebook page, when nobody reads it!?

Yes, I completely understand how you feel.

The online world can be a scary place, it’s not like a real shop where the customer comes in, you greet them, advise them on prospective purchases and they happily buy and walk away with a smile!

In  the online world you don’t see people’s faces to know whether they are listening to what you say, so you can’t quite tell whether what you say makes any impact. Or when that sale happens, you don’t actually know what caused it. Did that little tweet about my new product give me this sale?

Yes, it can be tricky, but not impossible!

I’ve been there 5 years ago, when I set up my creative workshops business and wanted to also make chocolates and sell them at local fairs. Only I couldn’t because all the local fairs already had their chocolate producers. So, I had more time to spend on my website and soon realised that my customers were not coming from my – very labour intensive – presence at various fairs, but directly from my website. I started to get bookings for my workshops within 2 months of launching my business and within 6 months I was on Google search first page for my chosen keywords. And once I started to use social media in new and strategic ways, I realised, that I had something much more valuable, than my competitors. A strong brand and online presence with a growing supportive community of customers.

I’ve previously worked in higher management, so I had good experience in running business, but the online world was completely new to me.

I’ve developed this SEO course for all of you, who are now, where I was five years ago. I’ll give you the confidence and knowledge to improve your online presence – with the right type of traffic, customers and help you to re-frame your business with useful tools.

look forward to welcome you to the COURSE

Yes, you are absolutely in the right place. This course will take you right back to basics and as you progress you will be able to use more advanced tips and ideas from the course. We have a practical facebook group for sharing and answering any questions during the course. You will have a lifetime access to the course, so you can come back to it time and time again.


As long as you have access to the ‘back of your’ website (e.g you have full access to admin area) you should be able to amend your own keywords, meta tags and add links as and when needed.

Custom built websites as well as WordPress based websites are fine as well as template built websites. To give you the best SEO advantage, I can personally recommend Create or WordPress, but other website builders such as Weebly or Squarespace are fine too.

If you are not too sure you can always catch me on Facebook or Twitter – so feel free to ask away!


That’s absolutely fine. The sooner you start the better and I wish I had your advantage! You will need to have your own website, which you have access to. You need to be able to access ‘the back of your website’ and be able to amend keywords and metatags. If you are not sure, whether your website is on a suitable platform, just contact me here.


The modules are released on a weekly basis – each Friday and it takes about 30-60 minutes to go through the videos.

The real work starts with you implementing what you have learnt and putting it into practice. This can take anything from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on how complex is your website and business. As a minimum I would probably allocate about 30 minutes each day.

You will have a lifetime access to the course, which means that you can go through the material several times and each time the course runs live you dig deeper and deeper into the course content.

Realistically, this course will keep you going for several years. I always find I need to revisit my SEO & social media strategy plans every time my business changes slightly. Online marketing and SEO is an ongoing process, but it’s more of a marathon than a sprint. So, take it easy, do what you can and come back later!


I completely understand, but this course is a great investment for the future. The world of SEO, website traffic and social media is changing all the time and my commitment is to update the course with all new trends and practices as they develop. You have a lifetime access to this course. This means, that over the period of the next few years, you can re-do this course for any new website or business you are working on and you will always have fresh information.

Plus, as well as a one off payment, we’ve also introduced a payment plan, so that you can spread the cost of the course over the next 3 months.


I want to make sure you get the maximum from this course and that it helps you to build you business and take it to the next level. If you are not completely happy about the course, you are welcome to e-mail me with your reason within 14 days of purchasing (or starting the course) and I’ll refund your fee.


This course will give you a foundation to carry on with your SEO. It will also provide you with a wider picture and understanding how SEO is linked to the everyday running of your business. It will also provide you with support from somebody who has first rate experience of running their own business and SEO expertise. But this course is not a quick fix and by completing it I can’t guarantee that your website will magically appear on first page of Google. This very much depends on how much work you are prepared to do, how strong your competition is and loads of other little things (such as your domain age). I teach industry best practice and all my methods and tips are safe for you to use on your website. I don’t recommend ‘black hat SEO’ and would never advice you to make changes to your website that could get you penalised by Google.